fredag 22. mai 2009


You might have heard of the british campaign during World War II, Dig For Victory?
There's a similar movement going on today, probably even more important. More and more people grow their own food! On this photo you see coriander in bloom. Very easy to grow.

If you haven't started your vegetable plot yet, start today! A vegetable garden don't need to be more than a couple of salad plants in a container. Or a tomato plant? The garden centre has tomato, cucumber and probably even more.
In this photo, you can see tomato, red salad, green salad and dill.

Children love growing carrots! They take some time and will prefer a quite deep layer of soil, but oh, so lovely to pick your own! And you can choose to grow them free from pesticides!

You can't get closer to locally grown food than in your own garden/backyard/veranda.
This is my garden last summer. Some sort of ground covering makes it much easier to maintain.
Where to start? Easy crops: Potato, salad, sweetpeas, carrots, courgettes. (And many more, actually.) Good luck!

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  1. Chris over at the Mon petit miniscule-blog has a great link about Victory gardening: