onsdag 12. august 2009

White Swan/pig flu?

Echinacea angustifolia, Coneflower in english and Solhatt (sunhat) in norwegian.
I think this one is called White Swan. They are usually pink but more and more varieties are made. I saw one who particularly stole my heart at the Hampton Court Flower Show two years ago. It was orange/terracotta. I guess we have it here in ten years time or so...
They are my greatest tip for your garden in august. They look so great in all stages of development.
I am sick with an ordinary flu or a pig flu. (?) They have given up testing people, so everyone with the right symptoms are adviced to stay at home for seven days. I feel quite sorry for myself, of course. Most of all because I had these four days before school starts again and had planned to work intensively in my study.

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  1. Solhatt er ein ny favoritt her også, eg sådde ein pakke frø i fargeblanding i vår og sit no med ti småplanter. Spent på fargene, ja!