søndag 22. november 2009

Sustainable gift wrapping?

My daughter has been sick with the flu this week. Since she was really sick for only two days and the pig flu situation means that sick children need to be kept at home for seven days, we've had time for some fun too.
One of the days, we spent wrapping gifts. When we receive presents, I keep the undamaged paper and save it for next Christmas. So it's always a puzzle to see wich presents that match the various pieces of paper.
This year I've also made some reusable fabric gift wrap bags. My hope is that they will sirculate and save wrapping paper the coming years.

The camel card is made from a gift box wich came with some clothes one year, and the cat card is made by sewing some printed scraps onto some cardboard.
What is your most eco friendly gift tip?

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  1. I really like your blog. I learned some screen printing when I was 15 and really enjoyed it.