onsdag 3. februar 2010

Spring is still far away...

...but I can't help dreaming.
These are some of my current Etsy favourites, on a really snowy day.
This lovely, lovely print is from The Wheatfield.
Tomorrow might bring some sun. I'm going to work in my study, all alone, without any sort of interrupting. Maybe I'll even have time to replant one of my Geraniums?
Actually, I never get as much done as I'd like to. I guess my lists are too long.
This super cute camisole is from Flower Sun. I can imagine myself strolling in the garden on sunny mornings, wearing it. I think I might have to order a larger size. -But still...
And this card. Isn't it adorable? It is made by Olive and Ruby.

I'm not a scooter girl. At all. But I guess I could have been if I had a scooter like this.
Buy this print from Claudia Pearson.

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  1. Hei Unni! :-)
    Takk for kommentar, nå har vi endret slik at man ser emailadressen. :-)