torsdag 11. mars 2010

Getting the summer started!

Do you remember this photo from last summer? This is some of my harvest. The lemons live inside during winter, but the other plants thrive in my garden all year round.

This is the hen named Inger. She is Hildas more quiet cousin. Despite her slow and calm performance, she knows how to get things her way. (Inger is named after my lovely co-worker, Inger, the Knitting Queen.)

I made some pillow covers in bright spring colors today.
I think these hens will add the feeling of spring cleaning and open windows to any home!

Later, I'm going to sow tomatoes with my daughter. If you want tomatoes ready before the summer is over, you will have to start out in your window sill now!
Have you tried to grow your own tomatoes? If you haven't, try, and discover a new world of taste!

2 kommentarer:

  1. Ja , vi lengter etter sommer nå :-)
    Flotte plagg :-)

  2. Love that bright green hen! Wonderful, Unni!
    No, I have never grown tomatoes. I have only ever grown flowers, but would like to try a vegetable garden someday. Your harvest looks so delicious. Hope you have just as much good fortune this year :)