søndag 4. april 2010

New lanyards

This was a lovely day and I have finally been able to do some sewing. I've made some new sheep lanyards.
Some photos from the lanyard making process. The prints has to be cut precisely, reinforced, ironed and stiched onto a backing fabric. A piece of wearable art to brighten up your life!
My sporty friend, Tone Regine, with her lanyard. Photo: Ole Gjerstad.

4 kommentarer:

  1. Digger dem!! Og, gleder meg til å hente posten i løpet av denne uken:D

  2. ja takk til "unni-klær"! jeg har lyst på kjole med ku :)

  3. Wonderful pics Unni!
    Love them and think I may need to get one! I take my dog for walks everyday and always end up carrying my keys.
    btw- how do I translate on Google?