torsdag 25. november 2010

News, bragging and a great tip

I'm very busy preparing for DEJM. (Designers Christmas Market in Oslo, DogA, December 4.-5.)
But I'm trying to stay calm and enjoy my preparations. My Reindeer Teatowels have become quite popular. This makes me so happy, but it's a bit difficult to keep up with the demand and make some for the Christmas market at the same time.

Yesterday, I found my teatowel at Bloesem! Take a look here for the post.

Elisa, with the eco friendly internet shop, Lin & Papir, had this great tip to share yesterday. How to make your own labels. The post is in Norwegian, but you can use Google Translator to read it in English. (At least sort of English.) You can buy the organic cotton twill tape she uses in her shop.
And, by the way, in case you have missed it, she sells some of my hand screen printed fabrics too.

And, there's more news! I'm Featured Seller on Epla this week. Click here if you want to read the interview.

2 kommentarer:

  1. Spennande med markedet - lykke til med alle forberedelsar! - og så kjekt å vere i Bloesom!! Høyres ut som du har travle og spennande dagar:-)


  2. Congratulations! Your reindeer towels are perfect for the Christmas season. x