torsdag 30. desember 2010

The best of 2010

If I should choose just one thing from 2010, the most important thing to me. It must be my walks in the woods.
I went through a diet, lost some weight and started exercising regularly.
I did not go to a fitness centre, like I've tried before. It's too boring and too hard to get there.
I just put on my trainers and walked to the woods behind my house. I rediscovered so much beauty, an array of trails and calming freshness. That feeling, to be there, in the greens.
I walked several evenings each week, and I became more fit and well exercised than I've ever been before. (And much more fun to not be angry at my body because my clothes don't fit me.)
Now it's cold and awful outside and I'm not walking. I'll maybe, just maybe, on a good day,  try to find my skis and go skiing.  But when the snow goes away, I will be out there again!

2 kommentarer:

  1. Takk for fine kommentarar, Unni! Eg blir så GLAD! Spesielt sidan det er deg!

    Godt nyttår til deg! Klem

  2. excellent! enjoy your walks and skiing too:)