torsdag 12. juli 2012

Feather, rabbit & marigolds

I have been waiting for my batch of linen teatowels and they have finally arrived!
First out is a new design with a hand drawn feather.
I have been thinking about printing it in other colours too. Do you have any suggestions?

The rabbit, Noah, had a stroll in the garden yesterday. I have to be very careful letting him out, because there is so many dogs in the neighbouring gardens. But he loves it so much!
My dream is to get a dog-proof fence around the garden one day so he can really roam freely some hours each day.

 Of course, the grass allways looks greener on the other side of the fence.

These marigolds (tagetes) means a lot to me. The seeds were sent to me from Mary Ellen. She runs the Etsy shop, Mary Zoom from her home in Kansas, USA.
Thank you so much for the seeds, Mary Ellen!

She makes sustainable accessories, like this practical and lovely Wrist Cuff Wallet.
Mary Ellen also has the blog, Mary Zoom.

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