søndag 12. august 2012

My flower addiction (again)

I went to the Farmers Market in Oslo yesterday and bought home these wonderful flowers from Blomsterhagen på Abildsø. Locally and organically grown cut flowers.
(Why on earth shoud we buy airborne, imported flowers in summer???)

If you live in the Oslo area, you can order the cut flowers online or subscribe to bouquet of flowers (organic!) delivered on your door. Wouldn't that be wonderful?

Here's Anja working in her garden.

3 kommentarer:

  1. Dear Unni, first time hire and like it. I "see" you offten at Pinterest, it is were we meet actually :).
    I think we are quite similar...same age, two kids, craft girls, I allso love to arange flovers and I use to teach in a high scool- art history :). I like your prints very much and this bouqet is allso lovely.

  2. Fantastisk bukett!! Deler begeistringa di!