mandag 27. september 2010

My talented readers!

I asked my blog readers to send me links to what they make.
I'm so exited about the great designs I have received links to. It's so fun to know what you do!
Thank you so much!
So here it is, my autumn collection of handmade goodies from my readers:

Pute med grå bil, from Fishermans daughter,
Veronika's blog. Tablecloth repurposed to a very nice and special pillow cover!

Veske, from OktoberLeaves, So well made and lovely pattern & colours!
Elisabeth's blog.

Super cute buttons; Fluesopp from Hilde's shop, NordicStiches,
Hilde's blog.

Wrist Cuff Wallet -Tomato Garden from MaryZoom, Kansas, USA. These wrist cuffs are crafted from t-shirt scraps that are left over from other projects. A clever way to keep your keys or money on your wrist while you're walking, running etc.
Mary Ellens blog.

Anja grows her own organic flowers and sells them on the Farmers Market in Birkelunden, Oslo.
Her firm (and garden) is called Blomsterhagen på Abildsø. Here's her Facebook group.
There were lots og beautiful flower arrangements on her site, but this one took my breath away. I've been a keen gardener since I was 20 years old and here's some of my favourites; zinnias, dahlias and fragrant pelargonium leaves. 

Super trendy, custom made headwear from Made Up.
This is Jorun's facebookpage.

4 kommentarer:

  1. Det finnes såå mange dyktige inspirerende folk der ute og tusen takk for at du vil vise frem oss andre også:))

    Ha ei fin uke


  2. Så morsomt at du har laget en samling med Eplaprodukter, og takk for at jeg fikk være med :-)
    Jeg kjøpte forøvrig en T-skjorte til min mor med cowgirl trykk i Eplabutikken din. Hun var strålende fornøyd både med motivet/trykket, passformen og med kvaliteten på T-skjorta :-)

  3. This is such a fun collection! I really like the plaid pillow with the car! A great combination of whimsy and simple. So much talent!

  4. Så mye fint folk lager. Jeg må si at folk er veldig flinke.