fredag 24. september 2010

Repurposing a pillow case

I fell in love again last weekend, at the flea market.
I found this pillow case that made me think of a mid century American housewife.
I instantly felt an urge to wear that fabric. So I decided to see if it was big enough for a skirt. And it was!
-But just barely and a quite straight down skirt. But enough! Horray!

So I used one of my other skirts as a template and made me a pattern. Found a zipper and a thin fabric for the lining and spent an evening sewing. I looked in my treasure chest where I keep my vintage great-aunt-laces-and-trimmings and found the crocheted lace for the edging.
I know what you think, -it looks like a Tuesday in June. -Yes, it does, but I had to wear it at work today anyway. (I never wear colours like this. I had to search through all of my clothes, between greys and blacks and purple, to find a top in the right colour.) One of my lovely collegues took the photos. I have to excuse the institutional look of the floor. -I work in a school, you know.

I wish you a lovely weekend!

5 kommentarer:

  1. Kjempefin! Så dumt at jeg ikke var der og fikk se den. Håper du har den på en annen dag også:)

  2. Herlig! Og hvorfor ikke bruke litt vårfarger nå på høsten, blir mer som et lys i mørket det! :))

  3. Snertent! Har vore på loppis i dag og plukka opp eit par godbitar eg også. Får sjå om det blir tid til å sy noko av det...