fredag 18. februar 2011

I love my t-shirts!

 When I go shopping and try t-shirts in the shops, I usually get annoyed. They are often too small around the neck and I feel strangled. Or they are too tight around the waist. I guess you would tell me to choose a larger one, but I feel more comfortable with my own size.
This is why I decided to order my own model for my t-shirts. One with a feminine scoop neck and a more comfortable waist.
It was a much more expensive choice, but when I get home from my annoying shopping round, and try on one of my own tees, -it feels right. I just love my own t-shirt model!
They run a bit big, so if you are in between two sizes, you might want to choose the smallest one.
I have included measurements for the different sizes in my policies/om denne butikken, so you can find the perfect size for you.
Here's my tees on Etsy, and here's the womens tees on Epla.

I have finally made my new star print!
I have listed the tee in my shops with the option to choose your own color for the star.
I love stars and I love red, so this is how mine ended up. Some people find this star to be a political symbol. Do you?

Have a lovely weekend!

3 kommentarer:

  1. Hei Unni.
    Fin t-skjorte!! Jeg tenker ikke på noe politisk symbol når jeg ser denne.
    Mvh Mona

  2. it's good to know when it feels right. looks a bit che-gueavara!

  3. Yuuuu!!! Nice blog and sweet things to buy, nice to meet you!