lørdag 9. juli 2011

House sneak peak

Hi there! I'm busy moving and renovating these days. I thought you'd might like a small peak into the new house.
This is the kitchen and the workshop. I need to make new flooring and the kitchen needs new cupboards.
So it's a bit difficult with shop orders at the moment. I have to drive to my ex to pack my orders.

Son painting floors in bedroom.

Of course, my son made sure that the internet, tv and music was up and running very soon!
(Painting by grandma Esther.)

The cat (Tulla, 14) has found a new favorite spot in the window.

5 kommentarer:

  1. your new home looks so lovely!

  2. Are those mountains I see behind Tulla? Everything looks so lovely! And it's yours! Congratulations on your new home!

  3. Thank you both!
    It's not mountains. More like hills. I used to live a bit up those hills. -And my walking trails are there. I need to figure out where my new trail is.

  4. Gratulerer med innflyttinga! Det blir nok kjempefint, sjølv om eg kan tenke meg at det er fryktelig mykje jobb akkurat no. Håpar du viser oss meir etterkvart!

  5. Good luck in your new house!
    I'm still smiling, that we are using the same banana boxes - small world ;*)