søndag 4. mars 2012

Bible cards and grandparents

My grandfather was a reverent. He had this collection of old cards with illustrations from the Bible.
How I loved to look through those cards!

The cards have been missing for several years, and I thought they were lost. But the other day, my mother found them again. It made me so happy! Even though I'm not a believer myself, I love those cards. -The colours, the motifs and the stories.

I remember I found this card with the dinosaurs particularly interesting!

He gave me this card. I was so happy and proud of having one of the cards myself. At this time I was around seven years old and of course, he was my hero and I wanted to be a reverent myself. Actually, I insisted on holding preaches for my family on Sundays.

My grandmother was an artist. She painted wonderful paintings of landscapes and flowers. She grew herbs and flowers and I turned out to be more like her, I guess. This is some linen napkins I printed today.  The screen is made from one of my charcoal drawings of a peony.

5 kommentarer:

  1. Så godt at dere fant igjen kortene. Det er så moro å ha noe man fant mye glede i som barn! Jeg elsket å sitte i senga til mormor å se i smykkeskrinene hennes.

  2. Så fine de er! Jeg skrev for noen dager siden om farmors viewmaster, samme slags minner, vil jeg nesten si!Og peonmønsteret ditt er veldig fint! Jeg må snart bestille mer fra deg, som jeg kan ha i gaveskapet mitt

  3. Unni - I love the story of your Bible cards and am so glad that your mother found them again! They are so beautiful. The one that your grandfather gave you is especially charming made all the more special by your grandfather's hand-inscribed note. Such treasures! Your peony linen napkins are so pretty, too - I am waiting for Spring so that my peonies will begin blooming.

  4. Your napkins are beautiful, Unni!

    I think I know exactly what feelings these cards evoke in you. I posted about a kind of cake my grandmother used to bake for us. Eating those cakes always give me back a bit of my childhood :)

    Greetings from Hamburg! Maja

  5. Hello Unni!
    These cards are wonderful! I can only imagine that they hold a lot of meaning for you. All the better! I finally got around to answering your questions about oats on by blog. Sorry that is took awhile!
    Hope this finds you well!