onsdag 2. mai 2012


My sweet and talented cousin, Ingunn Cecilie Jensen, visited me last weekend. We did some catching up on design, craft and everything else. We went to a photo shoot in front of a small, rustic shed in the woods near me. Thank you, Ingunn, for the great photos!

I have made some new designs. First out is a couple of t-shirt designs for women. You can find them in my Epla shop and my Etsy shop. (-More sizes will be added the next days. Just send me a message if there's a size you miss.)
The first one, Organic Woman, (You know her? -She's the one who recycles like there's no tomorrow.) is with a wonderful free font, Porcelain, from Misprinted Type.
The other one is a hand drawing of a feather. I tend to collect feathers when I'm out walking. Specially the big ones are great to cut and use as a quill pen with ink. -Fun to do with the children too.
I'm extremely busy with my job as a teacher at the moment. There's exams to be made, prepared and held. But as soon as I get some time on my hands, there'll also be a bike necktie, men's t-shirt and a children's tee.

4 kommentarer:

  1. Fine bilder og fiiine trykk!

  2. Så gøy dere har hatt det!
    Flotte bilder og Kjempestilige nye T-shirts!

    1. Flotte bilder! Nydelig trykk på t-skjorten også. Syns jeg ser ei lur dame på slutten der.. hehe. Fint bilde av deg :)

  3. Hei Unni
    Husker du jeg spurte om du ville ha noe lin? Jeg har nå snart kommet til bunns i mitt stofflager og jeg har funnet en del.
    Mail meg din nye adresse, så kommer det i posten.