mandag 7. juni 2010

French pleasures anno 1973

As you might know, I teach interior design in upper secondary school. At work, we have this fantastic collection of French interior magazines, Plaisir de France, from 1973.
I love these bright coloured, patterned bathrooms!
(Not sure if I would feel comfortable in them on an early winter morning, though.)

And what about this key ad with fabulous vintage keys?

But most of all, I love these dishwasher fronts. At this time we barely had hotwater where I come from. Actually, some people still lived without running water in the house, let alone have a dishwasher.
But Kitchen Aid actually offered dishwashers with customisable fronts. You could choose between steel, wood, stripes, gingham, flowers, art and a tit photo. (I used to be really surprised about this tit dishwasher, until I saw Mad Men with my students this morning. (Had to look at some 60's interiors!)  So now I'm not surprised anymore.)
Which front would you like to have?

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  1. haha.....den gulblomstrete, antar jeg....eller den i lilla mønster....
    Den rosemalte er det noe kjent med....kanskje det var noen i nabolaget som hadde den, i min barndom?