onsdag 16. juni 2010

New faves and old treasures

I love this new Etsy shop I found today!
Romeo The Rabbit is run by Joanna. She is from southern Poland and now lives in Ireland.
She makes the cutest plush toys!
In her profile, she says she is inspired by Polish and Irish folklore.
'Romeo the Rabbit' is her son's idea who also created the logo. He helps her a lot in designing the toys.

This is Gardener. He sure looks like he would like to do some digging... Better keep him away from the Dahlias, I guess. Notice the very cool styling with the grass and the tag.

This is Merry Little Horse.

This is George. I really like her different item photos.
The shop is quite new, go over and discover it!

My first Etsy purchase was from the Netherland based shop stiksel. And now I have come back for more. Don't you just like this very good looking passport case?

These cutest mother of pearl buttons arrived in the mail a couple of days ago. Genuine vintage buttons made in the USA. They are so sweet with the card and everything. I don't know if I should use them or not...
I found them in the Etsy shop Legacy Linens. -Vintage and antique trims, laces and fabrics. I think I could have bought almost everything in this shop.
And what do you think of this photo? I have spent hours searching through vintage photos on Etsy for my designs.  I hope to make something nice with it.
I have an idea.

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  1. For noen nydelige knapper! Skjønner godt du lurer på om du skal bruke de eller ei. Og detbiledt der må jo passe perfekt til ett av dine design. Spennende :)