tirsdag 20. juli 2010

Giraffe update and Flatbrødsoll

Here's some things I've made from my new giraffe print.
A friend of mine wanted a dribble bib for her daughter. So I designed this smaller bib for teething babies.
It's about half the size of my other bibs and is more suitable to be worn during the day to keep the baby dry.
It takes almost the same time to make, and is a bit more difficult to get perfect with all the curves. I think the size of the pattern suits the size of the bib well.

I've listed some dribble bibs in both my Etsy shop and my Epla shop.

I had to make something for adults too... Small pouch in my Epla shop.

I tried to make a large bib out of the Peggy Sue pattern too. I don't know if I think the size of the pattern is so suitable for this bib.

And last, I want to share with you, one of my favourites in summer. Old Norwegian traditonal food. Flatbread with a milk we call Sour Milk, which is sort of yoghurt-ish, and tastes lovely in the heat. (Flatbrødsoll.)
A true classic from my childhood. A time we barely had tasted Honey Smacks (Honnikorn), but weren't allowed to eat it because of all the sugar. So we had flatbread or bread cubes soaked in milk with tons of sugar on top instead.
Does any of myNorwegian readers still eat your flatbread like this?

6 kommentarer:

  1. Hihi, det var en merkelig flatbrød-rett. Jeg har aldri vært i nærheten av å spise noe lignende engang :p

    Elsker sjiraff-trykket! Og jeg syns det var stilig på den store smekka også.

  2. Nydelig fart på den giraffen!
    Min far sverger til kavring og kulturmelk i varmen, gjerne istedet for middagsmat. Begynner å bli noen år siden jeg spiste det selv men ;-)

  3. Digger det nye designet ditt! :)

  4. Wow så fine ting :) Superfint med giraffer da!
    Kan ikke huske å ha spist flatbrød på den måten men kavring - mmm fikk lyst på det nå :)

  5. Hello Unni:: Thank you for visiting my little blog and for leaving such kind words behind. I must say that your prints and work are some of my favorites and they make me smile every time I see them. I would love to get one of the lovely chickens prints one day to celebrate our life on this chicken farm of ours! Oh, but I love the cow too! Okay, off I go! All the best, a