torsdag 8. juli 2010

New work and impressions from Bath

I got some work done yeasterday. Made some new peony pouches and lavender bags.
Last week me and boyfriend went to Bath. It was a truly wonderful city. Beautiful, full of history, some shops, lots of cafe's and close to the countryside.
Bath was full of lions from different artist and designers. I saw this one and cried: "Cat Kidston lion!" And it was actuelly designed by her. But I guess all of you would have recognized her designs too.
Isn't this window display just wonderful? With the papercuts and the decals.
I really need to show this to my students when school starts again!
Note the shadows from the decals on the wall.
Cute, fun sign.
I even managed to get a lovely walk on the countryside!
Boyfriend waiting patiently (?) in front of bar.

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  1. Du lager så mye fint. Det er litt annerledes enn alt annet jeg ser. Gode ideer.

    Ble veldig inspirert av bildene dine av utstillingsvindu. Det var lekkert: )