tirsdag 29. september 2009

Bought on Etsy

This handsome fellow, The Montana Jailbird, actually, arrived in my mailbox today. It's bought from the great shop Cool Tricks. Toni, who runs Cool Tricks, is a great and helpful seller! The Montana Jailbird is so well made and has two jingle bells sewn inside. I am planning to give him away as a baby shower gift. I hope it will be soon, cause if he stays any longer, I might fall in love and keep him.

This is Toni's blog: One Minute's Worth.

Cool Tricks also has this adorable Little Red Hen. Anyone who needs a gift?

The postman also brought some soaps today. They where ordered from the lovely and helpful Gabrielle of Herbfriend. The soap in the photo is a Rosemary Mint soap made from only natural ingredients.
I highly recommend this soap!
Here's a link to her blog: Gabrielles Garden.

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  1. So happy to have discovered this blog! Thanks, Unni, for the kind words about my soap!