torsdag 10. september 2009

Custom order for our lovely librarian!

We have this great school library at work, and we have the two sweetest librarians you could ever imagine! One of them has ordered this tea cosy.
It is made from recycled fabrics and I have used a double layer of old towels as batting to make it stay warm as long as possible. Terry cloth towels is my best tip for baby blankets and other items for extra eco friendly thickness and insulation. It makes the blanket a bit more heavy and more difficult to sew, but I like the weight it gives the product. And most of all, I like that I can find a good use for old, towels with holes and stains that don't wash off!

1 kommentar:

  1. I'm touched. And the "tea cosy" is beautiful. Can't wait to use it in my own kitchen.

    - "The librarian" Rigmor