onsdag 28. juli 2010


Look at this great, eco friendly shop I found on Etsy Yesterday!
Dressme is the brand of Liesbeth Soeterbroek from Amsterdam.
This is what she writes in her profile: "I started Dressme 7 years ago after my son was born. As a fashion designer I wanted to make unique clothes for him so I started to make fun clothes out of recycled fabrics."

You'll find these fresh children's clothes here.

(Her er en liten test, for å se om jeg greier å registrere meg på Bloggurat: http://bloggurat.net/minblogg/registrere/78f5485a043467d65fb6ad607d323c93dd4e2397

2 kommentarer:

  1. Wonderful find, Unni! I am going to check out this fab shop! I love the playful eco designs.

  2. Lovely colours and design...like you said: FRESH! :)