søndag 20. september 2009

I have been enjoying a lovely sunday afternoon, printing in my study. This time it is Mrs Cow for bibs and totes. I've finally found some more colourful fabrics. I hope they will brighten up my shop!
-And the cute hen you see in the background...-I'm hoping to have the first prints of her too soon.
But what should we call her?
What's your favourite hen name?

5 kommentarer:

  1. What about "Klara Klukk"?

    I realize now that it doesn't sound as good in English as it does in Swedish. Sorry.

  2. Henrietta? No, please don't, how about Hilda.

  3. Hei :-)
    Jeg elsker Redesign - så jeg titter nok innom siden din igjen :-)
    Takk for titten :-)

  4. My mother's uncle, an eccentric old farmer in the wilds of Ireland, used to have two chickens called Salmonella and Listeria...

  5. Hönan Ida, thinking about my first readingbook at school.
    Miss Ida maby?

    Best regards