tirsdag 29. september 2009

Bought on Etsy

This handsome fellow, The Montana Jailbird, actually, arrived in my mailbox today. It's bought from the great shop Cool Tricks. Toni, who runs Cool Tricks, is a great and helpful seller! The Montana Jailbird is so well made and has two jingle bells sewn inside. I am planning to give him away as a baby shower gift. I hope it will be soon, cause if he stays any longer, I might fall in love and keep him.

This is Toni's blog: One Minute's Worth.

Cool Tricks also has this adorable Little Red Hen. Anyone who needs a gift?

The postman also brought some soaps today. They where ordered from the lovely and helpful Gabrielle of Herbfriend. The soap in the photo is a Rosemary Mint soap made from only natural ingredients.
I highly recommend this soap!
Here's a link to her blog: Gabrielles Garden.

lørdag 26. september 2009

Penguin sneak peek

I've ordered a bunch of organic t-shirts. It feels to me like the majority of screenprinted t-shirts on the market has a small crew neck. When I put on one of those, it feels like I'm beeing slightly strangled. And since I eat too much chocolate, most t-shirts I try on, wraps closely around my stomach in an unflattering way.
I have made a lot of effort to make my t-shirts feminine, comfortable and good looking on women in their thirties or more. (Also those who eat a little too much chocolate.)
But most of all I wanted them to be really sustainable, organically grown and ethically made.

If everything goes after my plan, the first tees will be in my t-shirt shop November 1th.
I'm SO looking forward to print them!

Which one of my designs would you like to see on a t-shirt?

fredag 25. september 2009

New totes

I'm working in my study, making totes and bibs. Here are some new totes I've listed in my shop, STRAND redesign.
I hope you will have a lovely weekend and that you'll do something fun and something relaxing!

tirsdag 22. september 2009

Big Giveaway

I anledning at Vibeke med bloggen Duften av erteblomster har passert 100000 besøk, ønsker hun å feire med en STOR giveaway! Vinnerne blir trukket ut førstkommende søndag.
Gå til bloggen, så kan du selv lese hvordan du kan vinne.
Disse herlige bloggerne som du kan se under her har bidratt med hver sin gave i denne anledningen og hun kommer til å lage et innlegg her inne denne uken om hver og en av dem slik at dere kan bli bedre kjent med dem. (Jeg er så heldig å være en av dem! Takk for det, Vibeke!)

søndag 20. september 2009

I have been enjoying a lovely sunday afternoon, printing in my study. This time it is Mrs Cow for bibs and totes. I've finally found some more colourful fabrics. I hope they will brighten up my shop!
-And the cute hen you see in the background...-I'm hoping to have the first prints of her too soon.
But what should we call her?
What's your favourite hen name?

lørdag 19. september 2009

Fleamarket finds

There has been lots of fleamarkets this weekend. The season is soon at its end and there will not be any new fleamarkets before spring. I have been out for many hours searching new supplies for my redesign. I'm really happy with my finds!

I found a lot of fabrics with pattern today. I need them as lining for my bags. I usually do my printing on plain fabrics without any pattern.

Some of the fabrics I've found is really lovely. I think they will be good for my new product range: Reusable gift wrap bags.

So now, at first, I just have to wash and dry the whole lot!

And here's a selection of vintage Christmas tablecloths. Most of them have stains that make them unsuitable for ordinary use. But I think I can find parts of them that are ok and they will make great Christmas Gift Bags.
I'm currently working on print patterns for Christmas. Also for gift bags.

torsdag 10. september 2009

Custom order for our lovely librarian!

We have this great school library at work, and we have the two sweetest librarians you could ever imagine! One of them has ordered this tea cosy.
It is made from recycled fabrics and I have used a double layer of old towels as batting to make it stay warm as long as possible. Terry cloth towels is my best tip for baby blankets and other items for extra eco friendly thickness and insulation. It makes the blanket a bit more heavy and more difficult to sew, but I like the weight it gives the product. And most of all, I like that I can find a good use for old, towels with holes and stains that don't wash off!

onsdag 2. september 2009

Keeping a few hens in your back yard

I've worked with this hen design for some time now. I finally got the first prints!
I simply love hens! Do you?