onsdag 30. desember 2009


My daughter is visiting her grandparents for some days. This leaves me with lots of time and of course, I've made long lists in my head of projects i think I can do these days. Of course, I never get to the bottom of these lists and they also change on the way. -But it's still lovely to have time for experimenting and to try out new ideas.
Yesterday I made dresses for my daughter and my niece. The elephant fabric is bought on a flea market last autumn. They used to be a pair of quite tired old curtains and have been waiting to be sewn into something new and fresh.

I just love it when I can replace something that usually would be bought new, with a redesigned and handmade item! My niece is going to get this dress for her birthday in January. Since she is four and doesn't have a blog, hopefully she won't find out...
The dresses are made from a pattern from a great book on redesign: "Brukt på nytt" by Kathrine Gregersen.

søndag 27. desember 2009

Norwegian Christmas (with an international touch)

I bought two new ornaments this Christmas. From Etsy, of course! Nothing beats Etsy holidays!
Super cute Christmas dog ornament from LittleandbigK, Australia.

My children did the decorating of the Christmas tree. As usual.

Fish On Earth from La Pomme, France.
The holidays have so far been lovely and relaxing. I hope you are having a great time too!
Do you have any homemade or eco friendly Christmas ornaments this year?

torsdag 17. desember 2009

fredag 11. desember 2009

Winter (on and off)

Winter's been a bit on and off lately. This is the view from my house some days ago.

These cute winter cards are drawn by Gunnlaug Moen Hembery.

My peony tea towel. New print on an old linen towel. You find one in both my shops. My Epla shop. My Etsy shop.

A custom order I made yesterday; key fob with penguins.

Marieflyfly's frosty necklace. She has both an Etsy shop and a shop on the norwegian site, Epla.