torsdag 15. desember 2011

Just a reminder...

Gift wrapping doesn't have to produce a lot of waste. You can come a long way with some newspaper, leftover paper scraps, ribbons from last years gifts and tissue paper from your last flower bouquet.

Do you practice eco friendly gift wrapping? Please let me know!
And if you have a link to share, please do! I would also love to share your images on my blog!

tirsdag 13. desember 2011

Making Christmas

This week, it's all about wrapping gifts, decorating and cleaning the house for the Holidays.
My shops and designs are having a break.
Yesterday I put up this decal from Circle Line Studio.

The plexi ornaments are from I wanna be.
Hopefully, in between, I'll get time to sew myself a pair of reindeer curtains.

torsdag 8. desember 2011

Design interiør feature

My bib is featured in the last issue of the Norwegian magazine Design interiør.
Thank you to Monica Halvorsen -Uldlageret who pointed it out to me and to Siw Eriksen -the woman behind Re-Vinyl who ripped out the page of her magazine for me!

tirsdag 6. desember 2011


We have a new friend in the family. His name is Noah.
Cute, isn't he?

mandag 5. desember 2011

Shop news -organic & fairtrade teatowels

I am finally able to offer organic & fairtrade cotton teatowels in my shops!
I have printed some Christmas reindeers saying "God jul!" wich means Merry Christmas in Norwegian.

There's one print with a single turquoise reindeer. As you probably (!) have noticed, daylight is a sparse luxury these days, so I had to take the teatowels outside for a photo shoot.
It is lots of wind here at the moment, wich made it really difficult to capture a hanging teatowel.
(Flying teatowels were easy, but doesn't show the print so well.)
As you can see, I have a new log photo wall!

I am trying to recover from the very busy Christmas market weeks I've been through. It feels like I have been working all of the time the last three weeks. The markets were so nice and I have met lots of lovely people! And in between, I also managed to buy a couple of great handmade gifts.
(Mostly for myself, I guess...)

fredag 2. desember 2011

Friday Favorites from Epla

Star from Bazaar.

PacMan cufflinks from Ridley.

Christmas card from Frøken Fabel.

 Wooden plate from Rubbel&Bit.

Christmas ornaments from olivia.

This weekend I'll be at DEJM -Designernes eget julemarked. Have a lovely weekend!

torsdag 1. desember 2011


I'm printing in my original, mint green, 50's laundry room today.
The room has a lovely atmosphere.
I have printed lots of new teatowels for dejm this weekend.
Have to run down and print some more!