onsdag 23. mai 2012

Today's finds from Etsy

Here's my current handmade and vintage favorites found on etsy.com.
Go here to see the list with links to the shops.

Have a happy day!

onsdag 16. mai 2012

Bugs and butterflies

A Sweet Landing, darling child photo, from Ms Alis Emporium on Etsy.
Little children are curious and interested in all living creatures. My experience is that they love to explore nature and to hold or touch tiny insects. When my daughter was smaller, I had to bite my tongue not to say: "Don't touch!" "Keep away from it!" "Be careful!"
It's so easy to transfer your own fears to the children.

Spring photo Bumble bee, by Sunshine Art design on Etsy.

I have designed a t-shirt print specially for the curious little children. The shirt has small bugs and butterflies to talk about and to touch.
If you are not a small child, but still want insects on your chest, please contact me and I can work something out. I have had requests from a couple of ladies who want a woman's tee with this print, so don't be shy. -You are not the only one.

Lucanus Cervus Print - Stag Beetle Photography, by Kralush design on Etsy.

T-shirt with small creatures by Strand on Epla.
The quote: "Alt levende hører sammen" is from a book by Maria Gripe; "Tordivelen flyr i skumringen" -which also is made into a radio play, and happens to be my favorite radio play and something I need to listen to every summer.
Personally, I love to hold slow worms or frogs when I find them on my walks in the woods.
-But I'm not that fond of beetles. -Love to look at them, though. But my daughter usually lifts the bugs. As long as it isn't spiders.
Do you have any favorite critters you like to hold?

tirsdag 15. mai 2012

More neckties

Hi there!
Here's a couple of new necktie designs I have made.
Things are a bit crazy right now, with end of the school year and so on, so I have not been able to sew so many new ties lately. But they will be listed in my shops (Epla, Etsy) when they are ready.
Just remember that since I make these neckties from used fabrics, they will be made in a limited amount, sometimes just 2-3 in each colour. -So if you see one you like, you better be quick.

 Reindeer necktie for the hunter in your life!
 Do you know someone who loves biking?

mandag 14. mai 2012

7 years

This cake is made with cake toppers from the toy store and it was really easy to make.
My little girl became seven years old this weekend. She celebrated with an animal party. (Well actually two parties.) I also went on a wonderful walk in the woods with the man of my life.
Busy lovely weekend!

onsdag 2. mai 2012


My sweet and talented cousin, Ingunn Cecilie Jensen, visited me last weekend. We did some catching up on design, craft and everything else. We went to a photo shoot in front of a small, rustic shed in the woods near me. Thank you, Ingunn, for the great photos!

I have made some new designs. First out is a couple of t-shirt designs for women. You can find them in my Epla shop and my Etsy shop. (-More sizes will be added the next days. Just send me a message if there's a size you miss.)
The first one, Organic Woman, (You know her? -She's the one who recycles like there's no tomorrow.) is with a wonderful free font, Porcelain, from Misprinted Type.
The other one is a hand drawing of a feather. I tend to collect feathers when I'm out walking. Specially the big ones are great to cut and use as a quill pen with ink. -Fun to do with the children too.
I'm extremely busy with my job as a teacher at the moment. There's exams to be made, prepared and held. But as soon as I get some time on my hands, there'll also be a bike necktie, men's t-shirt and a children's tee.