tirsdag 11. desember 2012

Putetrekk i Kamille

Det var hyggelig å finne putetrekkene mine i ukens Kamille!
Takk til Line Dammen som valgte ut og Marcela Recondo som harstylet og tatt bildene.
Marcela's blogg finner du HER.
-Og putene kan du kjøpe i eplabutikken min, STRAND. (Fru Ku er dessverre utsolgt for tiden.)

mandag 3. desember 2012

Tote giveaway

There's an advent calendar giveaway over at the A butterfly in my hair blog.
Today you have the chance to win a gorgeous pair of copper bird earrings made by Joanne from England (with the Etsy shop: JOY pure and simple) and a hand painted watercolour tote made by me.

I'm having a calm day in front of the stove today. It's cold and freezing outside and I'm on a part time sick leave from work because of problems with my body during my pregnancy.
Mr Handsome is covering the Christmas markets for me this season, so you will still be able to buy my designs at DEJM in Oslo next weekend.