søndag 31. januar 2010

Plantable tags!

I bought these great eco friendly tags from Kendra in her Etsy shop, Green Post.
I think it is a fantastic product! The tags are made from recycled paper and have seeds inside. So when the tag is used, it can be torn into pieces and planted.

Kendra is a great artsit and a crafter, and is, like me, a member of Eco Etsy. Take a look at her blog, Adaptation!

I am going to use the tags when I wrap my products. Usually, I stamp my logo to different paper scraps I have collected, and use them for my thank you notes. But these tags will make an extra special small gift, which, treated correctly, will give a gourmet salad mix!

Isn't that awesome?

fredag 29. januar 2010

New teatowels

I have made new teatowels with peony print. This time black on natural linen.
Like all my other designs (except from the t-shirts) they're made from redesigned fabrics.
The peony is a little different this time. It's another charcoal drawing, and it is not rasterized. This makes it look more like a charcoal drawing.
The towels can be found in my Epla shop. I will list some in my Etsy shop later.
(The small jug on the first photo is bought from a potter in Denmark. I'm sorry, but I do not remember the name.)
Tonight I'm going to a theatre in Oslo with my partner.
Have a happy weekend!

søndag 24. januar 2010

Retro tote #2

This is made from vintage fabrics. To me it looks like a british fabric from the sixties.
Anyone who knows?
This tote is for sale in my Etsy shop and my Epla shop.

fredag 22. januar 2010

Retro tote

Let me introduce my new Retro-line!
I have some great vintage fabrics laying around, waiting to be turned into new favourite totes.
This is the first one. It's in my Epla-shop.
More is to come in the following weeks.
The next one will be from a British 60's seaside fabric...
I wish you a lovely weekend!

torsdag 21. januar 2010

Dig The Earth

I love this card!
It's designed and printed by Kev who runs the shop Dig The Earth on Etsy.

He also runs the I Love Handmade blog, where he features handmade design and art.
This blog has become one of my favourites!

søndag 17. januar 2010

Doris the Rabbit

I've made a smaller version of Doris the Rabbit, suitable for bibs.
I hope you will have a lovely week!

onsdag 13. januar 2010

Peony charcoal drawing on tee

This is my latest t-shirt design. It is a charcoal drawing I have transferred to silkscreen.
You can have this tee in sizes from S-XXL.
The cotton is high quality, organically grown and fairtrade produced.
This model is specially made for my shop and has a feminine neck and a comfortable waist.
It is a bit tricky to print, but looks quite romantic, I think.
Available in both my shops, at Etsy and Epla.

mandag 11. januar 2010

Something new?

Are you longing for some new clothes to cheer you up?
Why not make something new from something old?
This blouse is made from a used fabric with a pattern from Stoff og stil. (For Norwegian, Danish and German customers.)
Maybe I should make myself a skirt next...? (Or maybe a scarf, cause that pink/white winter skin does not look very attractive. But to be honest, getting tan is not of my strongest abilities, so I don't look very different in summer.)

fredag 8. januar 2010

Hilda The Hen looks surprised (as usual)

I've been working, trying and failing a lot with this design. Finally, I'm satisfied with the result.
This t-shirt can be bought both from my Epla-shop and my Etsy-shop.
Hope you like her!