torsdag 26. november 2009

Christmas decorations

Imagine having a collection like this of vintage Christmas decorations...
I found the photos in Mikkidesigns shop on Etsy earlier this year. Unfortunately, they don't have anything like this in their shop at the moment.

But in Tinsel and Trinket's shop they've got all sorts of lovely, old and charming Holiday decorations!

tirsdag 24. november 2009

Great items from

Disse flotte produktene er fra nyåpnede
Redesignet ring av gamle tallerkener fra På nytt!
Tyttebær såpe fra Ultimate Organic Soap.
Redesignet hval av gamle ullstoffer fra Blåbær.
Eikeløv øreringer fra Echoes of Norway. (Echoes of Norway also has an Etsy shop.)

søndag 22. november 2009

Sustainable gift wrapping?

My daughter has been sick with the flu this week. Since she was really sick for only two days and the pig flu situation means that sick children need to be kept at home for seven days, we've had time for some fun too.
One of the days, we spent wrapping gifts. When we receive presents, I keep the undamaged paper and save it for next Christmas. So it's always a puzzle to see wich presents that match the various pieces of paper.
This year I've also made some reusable fabric gift wrap bags. My hope is that they will sirculate and save wrapping paper the coming years.

The camel card is made from a gift box wich came with some clothes one year, and the cat card is made by sewing some printed scraps onto some cardboard.
What is your most eco friendly gift tip?

fredag 13. november 2009

Etsy finds in grey and white

It's been a grey week. Now it's started snowing, so the grey is slowly turning white.
These are my current favourites on Etsy. I just adore these cute flower buttons from Artmind!

And I love the bags from Cleverscene! Redesigned suits, so stylish and elegant!

But most of all... I feel strongly that I need this necklace from VerreEncore. Somehow I've started feeling that I can't face the holidays without it.

onsdag 11. november 2009

Shop update

I've started lsiting my new organic and comfortable t-shirts in my t-shirt shop:

I will list more tees in the coming days.
Photos: Astrid Kristiansen

søndag 1. november 2009

The teacher from hell

This is the latest print from my studio. It's printed on one of my brand new organic t-shirts. Yay!
As you might know, I teach 16-18 year old students. They are in the habit of fighting for their civil rights. One of them is "#1 The right to go home from school early."
(Other rights: , #2 The right to use Facebook during lessons, #3 The right to eat during lessons and #4 The right to put on make up during lessons. And there's many more, of course.)

Back to #1. The most basic one, I think.
Particularly in the start of a school year, they try this one out with passion. They tell me how early the other classes are allowed to go home. (Most students they know are left out 20 minutes early, and once, there was this class who where sent home at 12.)

And they are actually telling me that if I don't let them go early, there will be no seats left on the school bus, and therefore, because of me, they will have to stand on the bus all the way home. And why can't I just let them go home early like all the other teachers does?

This is when I tell them: "Well, that's because you've got the teacher from hell."

So, being a teacher involves taking unpopular decisions. Sometimes you have to be the teacher from hell.