lørdag 27. februar 2010

fredag 26. februar 2010

My hen coop

I've always wanted some hens in my garden. This is how far I've gotten. For now.

These decorative hens can be found both in my Etsy shop and my Epla shop.

onsdag 24. februar 2010

Doris the rabbit pillow case

This is my latest work. A pillow case with Doris the rabbit among wild flowers.
Now in my Epla shop STRAND.
I have also visited a friend today, her cute son and lovely newborn baby girl. My daughter is crazy about babies and had a happy moment holding her.
On my way home, I got lost as usual and spent almost an hour extra. I never seem to be able to find my way like other people do...

torsdag 18. februar 2010

Holidays and napkins

The Winter Holiday starts tomorrow. And even if I live in the country of winter and snow, I must say, sorry, I've had enough of that now. (And there's still at least one month to go...)
I will enjoy the Holiday with my little girl. There will be some sort of winter activities, but mostly visiting and spending time with friends.

onsdag 17. februar 2010

Epla redesign

I am happy to be a member of Team Eco Etsy. This is a global group of eco-conscious crafters and artists on Etsy. We have this excellent blog with lots of tips for eco friendly living. Check it out!
Now that I've also started a norwegian Epla shop, I have noticed several eco friendly shops there too.
These are some of them:

søndag 14. februar 2010


I found this rabbit yesterday. It was so fun to see it again. I made it at school when I was 11.

And this rabbit is made from a Tilda pattern some years ago. My daughter loves to play with it. It usually is one of her babies. Often one of the twins.

And this is Doris. Screenprinted recycled bib.
Happy Sunday!

fredag 12. februar 2010

And here's the skirt

This fabric was supposed to be thrown in the garbage. A lovely old woolen plaid fabric.
I made two totes and one skirt for my little girl. It makes me so happy when I can make something nice from other people's waste.

Sheena is a punk rocker

If you are looking for a tote to use on rock concerts, this is it!
-Or if you, like me, are spending friday night at home taking care of your children and watching crime on tv, but could wish you were going to a rock consert, this tote could at least make you feel a little more punkish.
So, turn on the Ramones and have a great, punk friday!
P.S. I made two totes. One for my Etsy shop and one for my Epla shop.
I have a small piece left. I think I'm gonna make a punk skirt for my daughter.

torsdag 11. februar 2010

This week I've printed sheep fabric and sewn pouches and totes.
These products will be listed both in my Etsy shop and my Epla shop.

søndag 7. februar 2010

Favoritter fra Epla

Her er noen av favorittproduktene mine på Epla akkurat nå.

1. Skjørt fra FRYD + DESIGN, 350,-
2. Votter fra frk.festli, 170,-
3. ABC fra FRYD + DESIGN, 150,-
4. Brilleetui kledd i retrostoff fra Urban Retro accessories, 180,-
5. Stripete votter og lue fra Englefant, 280,-
6. Kjøkkenkluter fra by Veronica, 120,-
7. Kjole fra Snupperella, 229,-
8. Lange knestrømper fra zndesign, 145,-
9. Tovet "baggy" veske fra Tutta & Mathilde, 260,-
10. B-gjengen fra Smukk, 499,-

fredag 5. februar 2010

Happy weekend!

I want to wish you a really happy weekend!
I have been doing some more work today. This Hen Dress is made from recycled fabrics and is size 6 years.
Lavender sachet with dark purple print.
Why is purple such a difficult colour to capture in photos?
Enjoy your weekend!

P.S. Please vote for your favourite animal in the column on right side of the blog!

onsdag 3. februar 2010

Spring is still far away...

...but I can't help dreaming.
These are some of my current Etsy favourites, on a really snowy day.
This lovely, lovely print is from The Wheatfield.
Tomorrow might bring some sun. I'm going to work in my study, all alone, without any sort of interrupting. Maybe I'll even have time to replant one of my Geraniums?
Actually, I never get as much done as I'd like to. I guess my lists are too long.
This super cute camisole is from Flower Sun. I can imagine myself strolling in the garden on sunny mornings, wearing it. I think I might have to order a larger size. -But still...
And this card. Isn't it adorable? It is made by Olive and Ruby.

I'm not a scooter girl. At all. But I guess I could have been if I had a scooter like this.
Buy this print from Claudia Pearson.