søndag 25. september 2011

Hello Etsy

Photo: Christiane Hübner.

The Hello Etsy conference in Berlin last weekend was, as you might imagine, a fantastic event!
It's a bit difficult for me to convey my impressions properly since I don't speak the english language so well.
But I'm sure you are curious on how it was, so I'll try.
The event was well organized and planned in every detail. The Hello Etsy team had managed to capture the personal, handmade feeling that we love about Etsy. Like handmade soap in the restrooms, wooden bear shaped nametags, organic food and drinks, small plants in reused containers on the tables and so on.
E-werk, the location, was previously an electrical substation. Just look at one of the conference rooms:

Quite awesome, don't you think?

And there were little fellows like this one...

The Etsy stand was cut from cardboard.

I met lovely people like Sarah Sofia Hendy from Isle of Man and Maja Downar from Germany.
Sarah's homepage, Maja's homepage.

Here's me and Christiane Hübner. Christiane is a friend of mine from Epla. She has the very cool Epla shop Renna deluxe. And her Etsy shop is here. I was so happy to meet her. She is such a lovely person.

When it comes to the talks, I actually don't know where to start, or what I should tell you about. I have never been the sort of person that listens to talks, sees the whole picture and are able to say smart things about it in the breaks.
There where so much ideas, experiences, inspiration and good advices. The conference was a summit on small business and sustainability. About running your little business locally and still be connected globally and thoughts on how we can be a part of the way the world can/will/needs to change.
I felt very strongly that I want to be a part of that change.
You can watch the talks from the conference HERE. (Come on, do it!)

Some of us still wants to save the world. Or, I think it would be more correct to say: More and more of us wants to take action to save the planet. -And there are lots of thing we can do!

onsdag 21. september 2011

This and that in grey

My new wonderful and vintage Wind Up Alarm clock from Soviet Era on Etsy.

My new teatowel, hand painted, Big Dot.
How do you like it?

Me on the roof top at the Hello Etsy conference in Berlin. (More on that later.)
Photo by Christiane Hübner with the Etsy shop renna deluxe.

torsdag 15. september 2011

New expressions and impressions

Today I've been doing some experimenting on new colors and new expressions.
I have been thinking a lot about painting fabrics lately to create a water color inspired look.

I'm also preparing for one of the biggest adventures in my life so far.
I'm attending the Hello Etsy conference in Berlin!
You can see the Hello Etsy movie below and read more about the summit.
I'm a bit anxious now, that I shall not get to the airport in time etc.
Wish me luck!

Hello Etsy: The Movie from Etsys Deutscher Blog on Vimeo.

From the Hello Etsy homepage:
"Hello Etsy: A Summit on Small Business and Sustainability is a hands-on gathering for small business owners who want to connect with their peers, learn the skills to find success and independence, and be part of the movement to build human-scale economies."

fredag 9. september 2011

Her er mine fredagsfavoritter fra Epla.
For å se hele listen, trykk HER.

torsdag 8. september 2011

My local and seasonal luxury

The Team Eco Etsy blog had a post the other day about the importance of eating seasonal. You can read it here.
Living in a cold country like Norway, it really feels like a luxurious treat to have my own homegrown peaches. Both local and seasonal produce.

søndag 4. september 2011


I'm thinking about making some aprons for my shop.
What do you think?
Any suggestions on prints and colors?

I have made a test apron for children too. But my usual model, well, uhm, hates to have things tied around her waist... so I need to find another model for it. Will show you later.

I hope you'll have a lovely week. I'll have my studio day tomorrow. Yay!

lørdag 3. september 2011


I'm searching flea markets for the right furniture.
Moved into my new drawer today.
I'm a happy girl!