søndag 26. april 2009

Peachblossom, aspargus and banana muffins

Two buckets last year! I wonder why it is easier for me to grow peaches than apples and plums? (We're talking Norway here...)
14 last year...hm, how many will there be this year?

Spring is here! The peachtrees are blooming and it won't be long till we'll be eating our first aspargus. I guess banana muffins are not a particular spring sign. At least not around here... But you see, I found this extremely tempting receipt with yoghurt over at the ModEco Kids blog. And they were really lovely. All eaten, only one left now.
The napkins are from my Etsy shop. Recycled and handprinted with my Enchanted Garden print.

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  1. Oh. my. gosh. I love this pic of your asparagus! I must plant some next season - I wonder if it is too late to get some in the ground for next year?? I remember fondly picking asparagus in the apple orchards when I was a little girl. Good memories...