søndag 31. januar 2010

Plantable tags!

I bought these great eco friendly tags from Kendra in her Etsy shop, Green Post.
I think it is a fantastic product! The tags are made from recycled paper and have seeds inside. So when the tag is used, it can be torn into pieces and planted.

Kendra is a great artsit and a crafter, and is, like me, a member of Eco Etsy. Take a look at her blog, Adaptation!

I am going to use the tags when I wrap my products. Usually, I stamp my logo to different paper scraps I have collected, and use them for my thank you notes. But these tags will make an extra special small gift, which, treated correctly, will give a gourmet salad mix!

Isn't that awesome?

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  1. kjære Unni!
    Det er jo..heilt utruleg! Så gjennomtenkt og bra! Eg har sååå sansen for slikt! :)
    God veke!