fredag 24. desember 2010

Merry Christmas!

We had an extra early start this morning. My son (Martin, 19) who is studying in Stavanger, came home with the night train. He had told me he came the 25th, but came home for Christmas as a surprise today.
In Norway we celebrate Christmas Eve the 24th.
What a happy morning it has been in the household!

My daughter (Moa, 5) is putting the presents under the tree. We are unwrapping them tonight, after dinner.
Big brother is taking a quick nap. I'm off to make the caramel flan now.

I wish to thank everyone who has followed my blog this year! And I want to thank all bloggers and crafters out there for the inspiration you give me.
I hope we all will have a fun new year with great ideas, sustainable crafting and lots of love!
But first a calm and lovely Christmas. I think I will do some knitting for a change.

God jul!
Merry Christmas!

4 kommentarer:

  1. God jul og så innmari koselig å få allemann hjem til julekvelden:)


  2. Merry Christmas- I am so happy you are all together!

    xo- Cat :)

  3. God jul til deg òg! Og takk for all inspirasjon, kommentarar og kontakt i 2010! Gler meg til vidare inpirasjon frå Unni-kanten!

    God klem