mandag 24. januar 2011

Old Classics?

While going through my stacks, I came across some old prints. The designs have been rather popular and I've also had requests for them. Especially this first one with sheep. I can't undertsand why I have not found them those times I've been searching. (Of course, if you saw the mess my fabrics are in, I guess you would have understood.) But anyway, these totes are back in my shops. -Just in case you have been looking for them!

I'm having my studio day today, the sun is shining through my windows and we're going to have pancakes for dinner, so it's a good day here!
I hope you'll have a lovely week!

5 kommentarer:

  1. Love those sheep!

  2. Pen, liker designet. Kanskje jeg etterhvert skal børste støv av symaskinen.

    Ønsker deg en riktig god kveld.

  3. Love those sheep, and I love pancakes for dinner!

  4. oh your tote bags are lovely!! x