onsdag 4. april 2012

Things I love #3: Gardening

These photos are actually taken at seven o'clock in the morning by me wearing my pajamas.
 I have developed my own special technique when it comes to digging out turf for new flowerbeds. I am not so strong, so I have to jump on the shovel to cut relatively small squares so I can lift them up with the fork. I have been told that I look extremely ridiculous doing this, but at least, I'm rather quick at it.
And yesterday, I cut my hedge with a handsaw. (Ok, only 20 metres before my neighbour felt sorry for me and came over with the chainsaw, but anyway...)
I think my neighbours could have interesting days, if they pay enough attention to what's going on outside.
-And, I can't wait until my hedge gets leaves and becomes a green wall around my enchanted garden again.

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