lørdag 11. juni 2011

My Grandmother was a painter

My Grandmother's name was Esther. She went to art school and planned to go to Paris and study more.
Then, she met this handsome vicar, Charles. And the rest of the story is a story of a life on a countryside rectory. A life filled with children, baking, housekeeping, embroidery and painting. And herbs and flowers. -Lots of flowers and flower arrangements.

When I think of my Grandmother, I think of organza scarfs, menthol candy, embroidery, sage tea, tiger balm, cookies in cute boxes, oriental poppies, sweet peas, roses, strawberries and tomatoes. I was very impressed by the fact that she killed wasps with her fingers without getting stings.
This is her purse. It still has a pocket mirror and I use it for my embroidery stash.

4 kommentarer:

  1. I want to be like your grandmother when I grow up! What a wonderful heritage! No wonder you love flowers so!

  2. I love getting to read about your grandmother.I can't believe she could kill wasps with her fingers and not get stung. I run away from wasps myself:)

  3. Så heldig du er som har sånne fine minner! Eg setter sånn utrolig pris på mine eigne minne om besteforeldre, både dei fysiske og dei som berre fins i hovudet. Eg har feks målebandet til bestemora mi på syrommet, gammelt og slitt men kjempefint, nydelig font på tala. Eg blir glad kvar gong eg brukar det.

  4. Du beskriver så fint, at jeg nesten kjenner det lukter både kamfer og tigerbalsam. Og så nydelige bilder!