mandag 13. juni 2011

Where the roses bloom...

Finally, here it is, Summer with lovely warm evenings, summer rain and flowers.
It's time to fill the house with flowers from the garden again.
This is one of my old fashioned roses, Hurdalsrose. I love it! It smells wonderful and grows to the size of a small tree.
I think I need one beside one of the sitting places in my new garden.
It's just three weeks left now. Then it's time to move furniture and dig holes for all the plants I intend to bring from my old garden. Luckily, my son is back from his studies and is in need of pocket money. There'll be some digging to do for him this summer...

2 kommentarer:

  1. Hurdalsrosa er virkelig nydelig, og jeg ønsker deg lykke til både med flytting og hull i jorda. Jeg kom hjem fra pinsetur, og fant serviettene i postkassa. De er kjempefine!

  2. Takk, Lise!
    Så hyggelig at du liker dem.