søndag 10. juli 2011

In the mailbox this week

I want to share some Etsy finds that I found in my new mailbox this week.
Here's a very cool t-shirt from The Medium Control, with the Futura font. It will be great at work, I think.

And I couldn't resist this collage drawing, "Fabric Addict" from Aunty Cookie.
Aunty Cookie (Shannon Lamden from Australia) has the coolest prints & blog.
(Actually, I think she is too good...)

I bought my second hemp skort from Gaia Conceptions. Eco friendly and lovely clothing.
The skort is very practical, since it's a shorts and a skirt at the same time. (So you can wear a short skirt and still feel decently dressed.)

The skirt came wonderfully wrapped with the lovliest dried flowers.

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