mandag 25. juli 2011

Sad days

Our democracy have been attacked.
The bomb in Oslo and the massacre on Utøya have left us all in shock and in sorrow.
I wake up every morning haunted by the image of the teenagers who were hunted down and killed.

We will remember them and we will keep up the work for our country to remain a country of love and freedom.

The sign above is from WoodWoolStool.

5 kommentarer:

  1. oh, yes...i´m so shocked,too...and its difficult to find words...but my thoughts go with all the people who were involved by this unbelievable tragedy...and to your lovley country and the people there...that you all will find your way to keep your life and work...we stay with you...these days...for sure...a big hug and much more...take care...cheers...i...

  2. Ever since I read the first headlines, your beautiful country has been in my heart and prayers. I will continue to pray for the healing of Norway's heart.

  3. we are all praying with you Unni- I hope the people of Norway keep their hearts open and learn from our mistakes about letting leaders turn tragedy into fear - it sounds like your leaders are smarter than ours were - thinking of you Unni .... xo

  4. Dear Unni,
    I am so sad to hear of this horrific attack on your country. I am haunted by these same images and feel deep sympathy for their families and for the people of Norway. Impossible to imagine how this happened and why. I agree with what Cat said above and hope that your democracy stays strong throughout this crisis. Sending you my love, strength and support during this very difficult time. Be well.
    Love you Unni.

  5. Thank you for your warm words.