søndag 28. august 2011



If you feel like me and still want to grow something more in your garden this season, I will recommend you to buy a mint plant and plant it in your garden. Mint will grow for some more weeks before it gets too cold, and it doesn't seem to mind the rainy weather we have had this summer.
And even better. -It will start to grow happily again next spring. (Even though it's not the earliest plant in your garden.)
The leaves are lovely in a salad, with some meat and rice or, like shown above, in a smoothie combined with melon. -Not to mention how fantastically wonderful it smells!

PS Like you can see below, I got a comment from Lise B. It reminded me that I forgot to mention that mint is a rather invasive plant. It needs to be controlled so it doesn't take over the whole plot. You can do that by cutting the bottom out of a bucket and place it around the mint plant in the soil.
Thank you for the reminder, Lise B!

3 kommentarer:

  1. ooh this is good to know. I haven't had much luck with growing Mint, but I may have to try again!

  2. Så utrolig estetisk og sikkert godt! Takk for tips :)

  3. Mynte er veldig godt, men jeg har opplevd at den er alt for villig. Det er sikkert forskjell på sortene. Derfor er det lurt å begrense den. Plante den i en nedgravd bøtte med fiberduk i bunnen eller noe sånt. Men god, det er den!