tirsdag 5. april 2011

Etsy Love

I just love shopping on Etsy! Here's my latest purchases from the site. You can find literally anything there!
Like this great bangle from Buy My Crap. PS The bracelet is a little greener than shown on the photo.
And this wonderful, embroidered heart is from one of my long time Etsy favorites, Indianablue.

This is a new favorite I found through Eco Etsy, upcycled shoulder bag from Betsy and Bess.

I have put this poster up in my classroom as a reminder for my students... It is from jaimers.

Great wrapping and lovely, eco friendly soap from Herban Lifestyle.

Do you have any favorite purchases from Etsy?

2 kommentarer:

  1. Det armbåndet var utrolig stilig!
    Her er mitt siste favorittkjøp:


  2. Lekker veske, Hilde!
    Jeg har også kikket litt på veske i den fargen, og har også sett en gul skinnveske som var veldig tøff.